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What format are the audio files in ?

The files are in m4a format (playable by all audio players) at 96kbps. This produces high quality audio without excessively large file sizes.

How do I download the 428Mb folder containing the audiobook ?

When you purchase the audiobook via PayPal, an encoded download link is emailed to you. Click the link (or copy and paste to your browser and hit enter) and the download will begin, saving the folder to your hard drive (please note where you save the file on your hard drive). The download link remains active for 48 hours from time of purchase so ensure you download the audiobook promptly upon receipt of your link.

I have not received the email containing the download link, how do I get one ?

Please check your email SPAM folder. You should receive the link within minutes from completing payment. If after an hour or so you still have not received it nor is it in your SPAM folder, then please email us here at:

thepalmpressATgmail.com (replace AT with the @ symbol)

We will email and supply you with an updated link directly.

How do I play/listen to the audiobook ?

On your PC, Mac or Linux machine you can use any audio software that plays audio (mp3, m4a etc) files. Windows media player, iTunes, VLC for example. For smartphones (which is the way most users listen to audiobooks) you can install apps purpose built for listening to audiobooks.

For android see Smart Audio Book Player – Free for 30 days then $2 one time only payment to retain premium features – worth it.

For mac check out MP3 Audiobook Player – there are other apps for mac also.

Once you have installed an audiobook app (we recommend this because they provide many useful features such as pause and resumption at the same time spot, audio bookmarks, notes, variable audio speed rate etc) then you simply need to move the files from your pc to your smartphone. If you click the emailed download link from within your smartphones email software, then the audiobook files will be directly downloaded to your smartphone’s storage where it can then easily be added to the audiobook app on your phone.

I don’t have or intend to get a smartphone. How can I listen to the audiobook ?

Play the audiobook on your pc/mac using vlc, itunes, windows media player etc.

Can I buy the audio book as a CD ?

The audiobook is 14 hours in length. An audio CD for use in a car or home CD player can hold 79 minutes of audio maximum. This would require a box set of 12 CD’s which is unworkable. So no, the audiobook is not available as an audio CD.

Can I buy the audio book on a USB stick ?

The Palm Press is a small scale publisher. Preparation and delivery of physical product (in this case a USB stick) is not something we are geared up for.

How do I play the audiobook in my car ?

If your car is equipped with a bluetooth enabled radio/cd then simply link your smartphone to the car audio system using bluetooth and you’re all set. If your car does not have bluetooth, then you can use an in-car FM transmitter that runs off the cigarette lighter socket. See Amazon for various options, many around the $15 mark.